Missleman The Audio Movie -- Production begun

2011-03-02 17:38:11 by SMBMadman1

Let's face it: I'm pretty sure there are no Newgrounds users who ever heard of my Missleman series. I bet my previous post about the series was well overlooked.

But in case there are fans or newbies out there, here is a new announcment: Missleman The Audio Movie.

Ever heard of an audio play? Or a radio play? It's where it's like a TV show or a movie, but played on the radio and, of course, no visuals. You have to imagine what's going on.

That's basically the premise of Missleman: The Audio Movie. It will be 70 minutes long, and it is destined to be used on an iPod or a DSi. In fact, the DSi issue is why I am making this: So I actually have something to listen to besides repeating music. I mean, I like the music I have, but I just wish for something different.

If a Newgrounds fan of mine is reading this, get your imagination prepared.

Coming soon to iTunes and Amazon.com for $1.29

I don't know when exactly I'd get this done, but I assume I will finish it in a week or two.

Below is what the cover is gonna look like. It MIGHT not be much, but it looks kinda cool to me.

Missleman The Audio Movie -- Production begun


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