"Dynamite Alex is an action platform-shooter starring a 17-year old tomboy named Alexandra Tobynskii, who has set off to find out where the sudden groupings of robbers invading the city have come from. Equipped with a blaster and rolling/wall-jumping abilities, Alex retains a can-do attitute and proceeds to put an end to the chaos!" Note: The game works on computers ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7. The game will be coming soon to the Android! Controls: Z = Jump X = Shoot Arrows = Move And in case of emergancy, press R to restart a level.

Somari 2

2013-05-26 23:02:26 by SMBMadman1

Mmhmm. You heard right.

Now check out this trailer for it:

Missleman The Audio Movie -- Production begun

2011-03-02 17:38:11 by SMBMadman1

Let's face it: I'm pretty sure there are no Newgrounds users who ever heard of my Missleman series. I bet my previous post about the series was well overlooked.

But in case there are fans or newbies out there, here is a new announcment: Missleman The Audio Movie.

Ever heard of an audio play? Or a radio play? It's where it's like a TV show or a movie, but played on the radio and, of course, no visuals. You have to imagine what's going on.

That's basically the premise of Missleman: The Audio Movie. It will be 70 minutes long, and it is destined to be used on an iPod or a DSi. In fact, the DSi issue is why I am making this: So I actually have something to listen to besides repeating music. I mean, I like the music I have, but I just wish for something different.

If a Newgrounds fan of mine is reading this, get your imagination prepared.

Coming soon to iTunes and for $1.29

I don't know when exactly I'd get this done, but I assume I will finish it in a week or two.

Below is what the cover is gonna look like. It MIGHT not be much, but it looks kinda cool to me.

Missleman The Audio Movie -- Production begun

I h4z gott3n t3h FC-16 GO

2010-06-14 09:42:26 by SMBMadman1

Don't know what a FC-16 GO is? Well, it's a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES),'s PORTABLE!! Here's what else it contains:

-AC Adapter
-TV plugs to play it like regular
-Two wireless controllers
-Controllers can even be used when on the go!!!

But there's some flaws too, like how the reset button is just another power button sometimes.
You might also bump the cartridge against something by accident, causing the game to crash...

But other that that, I love it!

I h4z gott3n t3h FC-16 GO

Mssleman's Newgrounds debut

2009-08-17 15:38:48 by SMBMadman1

Welp, my made-up character, Missleman, has been on YouTube, YoYoGames, his own website, and now he appears in the Art Portal on NEWGROUNDS! Anything else? Oh yeah...his nemesis (that's always made fun of), Dr. Otto, will also appear in some artwork such as the one below. Learn more about Missleman and co at

Mssleman's Newgrounds debut